Digital Zoom Camera

Digital Zoom Camera
Digital Zoom Camera

The new Canon PowerShot SX20IS is a new mega-zoom model that was recently published in mid-(2009 to August this year). The successor SX10IS very successful model that has been this slow sales charts for quite some time.

One of the new features found in Canon PowerShot SX20IS is that you can record videos in high definition at 720p. This model uses a 28-50mm wide-angle lens has a 20x optical zoom. You can use zoom while recording video. Also features a 12.1MP sensor image, and like most new models from Canon, it uses a processor DIGIC 4 which produces an excellent image quality.

In the back part of the device, it is 2.5 inch LCD screen that can run on several angles. There is also a button that is dedicated to video recording you can record videos with the push of the button.

SX10IS as successor of the Canon PowerShot SX20IS did not disappoint. It retains most of the major features of older models (user-interface friendly) and peaks with a couple more. The picture quality is quite surprising, considering its price range. They were even better in many ways that those taken on some of my more expensive digital SLR.

At first glance, the Canon PowerShot SX20IS may seem a little bulky, but it is really surprisingly easy to hold. He has a good grip feels very comfortable and durable. From the looks of this new model, it seems that Canon is set to control the mega-zoom camera market for a long time to come. Currently, the Canon PowerShot SX20IS sells for about $ 399 each one.

For more product info and customer reviews, visit Canon PowerShot SX20IS. For reviews and info on other digital camera models, visit

What is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom? What is the maximum zoom camera?

I want a camera that responsible zoom (at least 10) ANY WEB SITE provision of digital cameras recommend? I had a Konica Minolta (film) was good, but what is good a digital camera? I also received a Kodak (digital camera). It was decent.

Here is an article that has a good explanation of the difference between Digital / Optical Zoom: device with greater range zoom (without switching lenses) w is the Olympus SP550 / 18x zoom. Here is a list of camera with a large digital zoom:

Canon G9 Powershot compact digital camera –

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