Digital Slr Body

Digital Slr Body
Digital Slr Body

Specifications: The Nikon D300 is one of the latest Nikon digital SLR cameras. It has an image sensor of 12.3 MP and a 3 "LCD screen one in the back (920,000 pixels). Card Reader is compatible with CompactFlash and Microdrive, where images are stored in a 2144 x 1424 3216 x 2136 or 4288 x 2848 resolution. It also has a broad ISO range from 200 all the way to 3200. This model has a minimum shutter speed of 30 seconds and a maximum of 1 / 8000 seconds.

Design: Measurement of Nikon D300 5.8 x 2.9 x 4.5 inches in size and weight 1.8 pounds. Its case is magnesium alloy. The body is weather and dust. Above you will find a pop-up flash, this model offers a retro look. Below the flash is an optical viewfinder, which has a 100% coverage of the field. In general, it is very solidly built and is very similar to the D200.

Features and performance: the Nikon D300 has won numerous awards for the choice of the editor in several important publications because of its impressive feature set and performance. One that further improvements in this mode is the 3D tracking mode that is ideal for taking photographs of well-defined subjects. There is also a extremely fast camera in it is ready to take the first picture (from a cold start) in just 0.1 seconds. He also Serve in a shot time of just 0.5 seconds. Photos taken at the Nikon D300 have been very good, with great risk, broad tonal range and accuracy colors. However, Nikon has again made another winner of this category of Digital SLR cameras.

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Will my goals manuals my age, size 35 mm camera in a digital SLR body?

I have three major objectives manual Working with my old Sears 35mm SLR. These are K-mount lenses Pentex. Do you work in a body Digital SLR Camera, while a K Digital Camera mounting.

Yes, provided they receive a Pentax digital SLR that will work seamlessly. You will use the lens Brief Aperture Priority or Manual mode manual. Ideal for those accustomed to old SLR. There is a factor to consider because the cultivation of small digital sensor size (compared with an image of the film), so it does not exceed 50 mm normal, but short term and 35 mm Tele is just above normal. One warning though. Check (and search it) if your goal is the Ricoh K-mount pin. The PIN may or May did not get stuck in the digital SLR Assembly, whereas the Assembly (not fully implemented if you're stuck). Do not force not the lens if it occurs. Just look for the thinnest but resistant plastic can be found and used to convince the pin down while you hit the target. It would be preferable to find a way to remove the pin or glue permanently Do not be put on the road.

Canon EOS 50D 15-Megapixel Digital SLR – Body Only

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