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Digital Camera Lens
Digital Camera Lens

Many professional photographers use Nikon digital SLR cameras to take pictures of his career best, this is because Nikon a leading supplier of high quality cameras and lenses. Good photography is not possible without good lenses. Nikon provides a variety targets for a variety of purposes, and choosing the right can be a difficult decision for an amateur. Nikon has its own terminology when it comes lenses.

Suppose the name of the lens "Nikon AF 28mm f/2.8 D", it is a simple objective and has no capacity zoom, commonly known as the first target. The name can be divided into different segments, the first is 28 mm is the focal length of the lens. If this goal is a zoom function so the name would have been closer to 70-200mm, suggest the wide-angle (70mm) and telephoto settings (200 mm) focal length. The next part of the name, size 2.8 is the maximum lens opening, the higher the f number the faster the lens. A lens at high speed is good for shooting in low light, which allows more light is directed to the sensor. The last part of its name suggests, the functionality provided the aim, in this case is D, which means that the distance between the lens and the object is sent back to the NPC, which corresponds to exposure to create a better image.

Some other terminology are discussed below;
 • G-lens: These glasses come with a ring control Opening of the target itself.
 • VR lens: this means reducing vibration, which helps photographers to make clear and stable at very low shutter speeds.
 • AF-S: ideal for wildlife photographers, who want to take good photos of his subjects without disturbing them. The silent wave motor uses the capabilities of high technology to extend automatically, without causing noise.
 • IF: it means internal focus, these lenses are very affordable and shape of the lens does not change when you try to focus on all actions mainly occurs in the lens.
 • ED: medium to low dispersion, a goal without this feature are chromatic aberrations in the image.

There is no one lens that packs all the features, if you need to mix and match to suit your needs.
 • To take photos of sports, then you can go for capacity telephoto AF-S.
 • To produce portraits and landscapes, you must go for wide angle lenses with VR and erectile dysfunction.
 • For taking photographs of landscapes, the best lens solution Internal Focusing (IF), as if the lenses are a good wide angle field.
 • If you like the capture of small objects like flowers, butterflies, bees, then you should go for goals optical zoom macro capability.
 • For the purposes of travel, you can choose the Mega zoom offering a large capacity zoom, optical and digital.

To summarize, we can say that there is an objective lens for each one so you should choose carefully your goal while dialing a single blow.

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What is the best way to clean a lens of the camera?

My camera was placed in a glass and now the target is spotted everywhere. The camera is good, it's just that the lens is screwed. Does anyone know a way clean the lens without having to take to a store? Or if I take a photo shop how much would it cost?

This covers everything.

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