Definitive Technology Supercube

Definitive Technology Supercube
Reviews system configuration?

TV: Panasonic TH-50PZ750 (and bought) fronts: Definitive Technology myth 4 (pending) CENTER: Definitive Technology Myth 7 (pending) breeding: Definitive Technology promonitor 800 (pending) SUB: Definitive Technology supercube 2 (pending) AVR: Denon AVR-2808CI (pending) DVD: PS3 (already bought) I'm looking to spend about $ 3000 CAD (tax-in) on the outstanding issues. Can anyone recommend something comparable?

I agree with the owner away. You will not be disappointed with Def Tech speakers His whole system seems likely to perform very well. I've been an advocate of Def Tech for a long time. They are very difficult to beat. You get a lot of performance at a good price. The system is as good as your gonna get what you are paying for. You may be able to obtain a best receiver for the same price. But you're difficult to beat the speakers. Yes, I like also to express the parties. It is a great way to cap everything off with all Small items such as speaker cables and interconnects. I use the Radio Shack analog SPL meter works quite well. All the above elements really help sharpen your listening and viewing experience. If you are unable or unwilling to spend money on extra points. Put in a film like Star Lucas Wars. It has some pretty decent video and audio created tool included in the menus.

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