Dac Headphone Amplifier

Dac Headphone Amplifier
Headphone amplifier design?

Hello, For my university project to design something that you need an audio output through headphones. I have a DAC PCM data that have a microprocessor that will provide 0-5V. The DAC output goes into a headphone amplifier. This is where I get confused. Does the signal need to be close to 0 V so it can vary positively or negatively? The headphone amplifier has a bias pin but I'm not really sure if the signal has to be biased? Someone told me that the bias is at 2.5V and then stick a cap on the number of the headphone amplifier output to the headphone jack itself to deny any DC. Ideas of what to do? Thank you! Actually not long ago in audio, and all relevant material that I was three years ago. I found a chip with a charge pump that sort out negative swing so I'll use that:)

The headphones you want to see a sign that positive and negative variations around zero. You Use the capacitor in series, but should be large enough so as not to leave the low-frequency response too. On the other hand, too high and will large DC pulse at turn-initially by the cap. If you want the amp to go + and – you need a + and – power supply for it. (I hope you know that.)

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