Clever Portable Laptop Desk – Lapdesk N315 by Logitech


Logitech has presented a new clever laptop desk – Lapdesk N315. This compact desk can be useful for those people who like to use their laptop everywhere. It combines two functions: adding some comfort to a working process and helping to protect legs from laptop’s heat. If you usually use you laptop on a couch, a bed or even in a park then you could appreciate the main feature of this laptop desk – a retractable mouse pad. With it you haven’t to look for any additional surface for you mouse. This model has a thin and light design and so you could easy to carry and store it in any laptop bag. Besides its top is washable and anti-slip, that preserves your notebook from falls. This portable laptop will be available in shops this month and its retail price is $29.99 . For further information you could visit Logitech site.







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