CityVille Level Up Guide

Gaining experience and leveling up are central to successfully playing CityVille. Gaining experience allows you to level up. Leveling up unlocks new buildings, expands your energy bar, awards you City Cash, and more. In addition, it’s important to level up your Reputation by collecting hearts while helping your neighbors.

The higher your Reputation Level, the more goodies and bonuses you’ll receive for visiting each neighboring city. You need lots of neighbors to get by in CityVille, so gaining extra bonuses for each neighbor makes your Reputation Level extremely valuable.

Many have been asking about how much experience they are going to need to level up to those higher levels. Thanks to some help from the Zynga forums, our CityVille Cheats & Tips: Level up & experience guide has all the information you’ll need.

There are currently 60 levels in CityVille and 60 reputation levels. Below is the required amount of experience to reach that level.

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