Checkered Flag Nascar

Checkered Flag Nascar

NASCAR indicator shows different colored flags that are used to indicate different signals before commencement and during the race. There are different colors, which denote a special warning or indication that the drivers are familiar with which help them race and watch any alarms. These NASCAR flag is shown by the flagman or the grand marshal near the start / end of line. Sometimes there are people standing at strategic points waving NASCAR same flag to ensure that all drivers notice the flags and pay attention to the indication being signaled by the same. The first flag that is waving the green flag indicates that the race has begun and the drivers can begin their journey. Like a green traffic light indicates normal "go" Here too, it means the same thing for pilots who are all set and ready. Seeing the flag of their position, the pilots need to follow and do not ignore because it could lead to accidents or serious injuries to the driver or other cars.

Another indicator that is used is the yellow colored flag, which is used to indicate that it is dangerous or a hazard on the track. The pilot seeing This should slow down and watch the road ahead. This flag is usually used when there was an accident on the slopes or a car went off course and is in a dangerous position. And a car that collided with this could lead to an explosion and endangering life. There will be a demonstration vehicle on the tracks that should be followed up This signal is displayed. Normally, this flag is waved for three laps, as is the maximum time to erase everything that is hindering the race. Each Once the riders are almost at the end of the race, with just one lap left, the white flag is waved so they know what their position. And this flag is waved once late in the race to the starting line. If a red flag is waved while the race is on, it could mean there been some violation or problem that can not be corrected and if the race is stopped and all drivers must stop their vehicles.

When a driver commits a foul on the goal, it will lead to a black flag NASCAR being raised just for this car, which means a penalty will be imposed the driver. This could be in the form of cut points or disqualifying them from the race. In some races, a blue flag could be waved, an event rare, but it means the driver must exercise caution while around the corner, like a car may have some mechanical failure and would have stopped. And finally, if NASCAR black and white checkered flag is waved, the race is over and the first person to see, he is the winner of the race.

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