Channel Speaker Black

Channel Speaker Black

Samsung has launched a home theater system – HT-WS1G bar speakers, a compact and stylish system that comes in the form of a speaker bar that can be mounted on the wall, with wireless subwoofer placed anywhere in the audio room to achieve maximum impact. Greater than 260 watts of 2.1 channel virtual surround sound, the HT-WS1G fully immerses the viewer in the show, so you can only sit and enjoy. with only two speakers – front speakers and a subwoofer, this system makes that users consider that a rich, high quality sound around you.

With the wall mount included, it is easy to ensure SAMSUNG WS1G to the wall of the side wall or under a high definition so users can maximize their potential and launched his stand-room entertainment. So you can enjoy an elegant, space cleaner. The subwoofer output of 5.8 GHz and can be placed anywhere, even behind furniture or in a corner, as is wireless. In addition, this system has a Platinum Black Glass TV Design offered by optical input.

There were 4 audio settings, each of which had different sound. The first was in cinema, which all basically dug midrange frequencies. The second was the music, which in my humble opinion is the best environment similar to making theater setup, but our mid-range returns. The third is News, which is giving the same sound as the TV speakers give. The last setting is a step mode that turns off all EQ settings in a plane mode.

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