Chandelier Lamp

Chandelier Lamp
A chandelier of 10 kg is suspended by a rope of 2m to a maximum of 6m high at the National Museum of Art Craco?

A lamp Spider 10 kg is suspended by a rope of 2m of a 6m high roof at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Krakow. Calculate the potential energy of the light of the following Benchmarks: a. The maximum amount of: lamp b.The: c.The floor galleries: d. Explain the difference in the results.

Potential Energy = Mass x Gravity x Height If ceiling height is 6m, and the rope extends from 2 meters, the lamp is 4 m above ground. PE = 10 x 9.8 x 4 PE = 98 X 4 Potential Energy = 392 joules (400 joules if using gravity 10.0)

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