Cardboard Benches – Fascinating Seat Arangement

cardboard bench color

Since I love green design, and especially furniture design, this little found is a perl.

In the mood for a little color and fun? The bright colors and the cool pattern sure calls for a vibrant get-together. These little benches made out of factory discarded cardboard with an addition of EVA rubber of different colors for comfortable seating give you the pleasure of chilling with friends. Good news is that these are available for purchase and can be treated as an engrossing DIY project. You can assemble the whole thing from flat boxes and that too without the use of glue or tools. Now, how cool is that?

A product of Proyecto Cartoon, a joint venture of  Gruba design studio and industrial designer Georgina Pizzabiocche, the benches are sold for around $40.00 in Argentina. These recyclable benches are capable of holding a weight of 90kgs or 198 pounds. More than the average man :P, so go ahead and try one.

cardboard bench no2


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