Canon Dslr Eos

Canon Dslr Eos
Canon Dslr Eos

The Rebel 15.1MP Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera T1i or also known as the 500D in other parts of the world is an entry level package that offers a resolution higher and better autofocus system than its predecessor. This places it well between the XSI and 40D, and clearly replaces the XTi. Canon has been nice enough to include the kit packages together with veteran f3.5-5.6 18-55mm IS and the target can send the body for those who have already good pair of glasses available.

At first glance, the body of the Canon EOS Rebel T1i is almost identical to the XSi, and weighs about the same about 1.2 kilos. The plastic body is fairly light and feels almost useless to someone DSLRs he handled regularly. On the other hand, This makes it ideal for digital SLR novice user, it is not too heavy to handle. The handle is very comfortable and feels quite solid. The camera maintains the same major 3-inch LCD sets with almost all the buttons under your right hand for a quick and easy. Buttons for everyone feels that can feel their way through very easily.

Modes on the dial are mostly unchanged, with the addition of Creative Auto mode, which is a semi-manual mode that can be considered as an advanced automatic mode. All functions are automatic in this mode, with some exceptions. In essence, It replaces the options adjust the shutter and the opening of two sliding scales, adjusting shutter speed and aperture making it ideal for the beginner who is starting to take some risks.

Specification-wise the Canon EOS Rebel T1i uses a 15MP CMOS APS-C size sensor (1.6 x with a focal length multiplier). This means that the feature set is the same as the XSi with a kit of optical image stabilization to balance all that. The wake and throwing 0.2 seconds, the camera can quickly focus and shoot in a saving of 0.3 second fast in bright conditions, which may even cause a delay of 0.6 seconds, shooting in low light. The shot to shot time is approximately 0.4 seconds, both raw and JPEG. The speed of decision continuous view of the camera is a respectable 3.3fps. The frame rate and a nine point AF system must be able to follow the children run rate and more animals.

The quality of the video film Canon EOS Rebel T1i is solid at 30 fps 720p. If you can handle resolutions of 1920×1080 is only 20 frames per second with watching a jerky motion. AF can be activated manually while recording, without forgetting that it is a bit slow existing owners XSi as the highest resolution and video capture capabilities are quite impressive. The more experienced DSLR fans may find the device photo somewhat limited in terms of control, new users looking for an entry-level DSLR, high resolution camera is ideal for your needs.

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What is a good quality but affordable digital zoom for Canon EOS SLR?

I am relatively new to photography I am interested in purchasing a zoom lens. What are some suggestions for a good average level of zoom, which is affordable (I think $ 500 – $ 600 range)? Must be compatible with a Canon EOS DSLR.

The 55-250 mm is a good goal to add to its current 18-55 mm. If you have any EOS 35mm then limited to only the EF, because EF-S can damage the mirrors of 35 mm full-frame digital SLR cameras.

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