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Camera Parts Repair
Camera Parts Repair

Here's some info on what I think is No. 1 Camera Repair: Broken LCD screens.

We live in a society to use and throw is a simple fact. Buying digital camera as new luxury brand with all the bells and whistles for $ 400, and 6 months for a total of 1 year may be half, and then the unthinkable happens: you fall and break. The LCD is cracked or lens is stuck, what do you do? You head to the store with your camera and the poor man behind the counter (who knows nothing about cameras, except for what is written on the box and even less about servicing the unit) you said not worth repairing and should throw away. You feel frustrated and angry cons the manufacturer of the device and got out and buy a new one made by another person.

There are alternatives, there are always solutions to every problem. Really! Yes, can cost $ 100 to fix your camera, and yes you can buy this camera bubble packaging platform in W ** M ** L t (I do not pay not my bills … not announce his name, sorry) for under $ 100, but what kind of quality you can honestly expect from a camera 100 $? The quality is not very hopeful, because you will not get it.

# 1 – Broken / Cracked LCD screen.

It was difficult for me to choose between a jammed lens and an LCD screen broke, but I stayed with LCD for # 1 because it is very easy to break your screen LCD will not even touch the camera to do it!

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen is seen at the rear camera that allows you to display menus, tables of reproduction, etc. The LCD is very thin, very fragile, and much much camera completely unprotected! Look at the back of the camera is set back from the screen or is the back of the unit flat and smooth? If the floor has a window of protection "or" crystal "on the LCD screen to help prevent damage and breakage. If it is not flat, you have nothing to protect your LCD screen and should provide a good quality LCD screen protector for the camera and not thin, fragile "Saran film plastic protective wrap for the screen, which are worthless.

– Do not leave the unit in the car in summer or winter. The extreme heat can cause expansion of the liquid in the LCD and the cause of cracks, and on the other side things can cause extreme cold to freeze!

– Do not put anything on the LCD of your camera bag it will strike against the LCD and crack (yes, even if you have a window on it, it breaks!)

– Do not place the device in the back pocket, then sit down!

— Do not put your camera in the front pocket and roll in it.

– … Just do not put your camera in the pocket of your pants please. =)

Ok, so it does not work, what next?

– Manufacturer of damage simply by impact site and refuse to repair same if the device has not retired, etc. You can try, and I wish him good luck, but probably will not fix it.

– Search a defective camera and ** and (hey do not pay me to advertise for them …) and make a good camera if both are useful.

– Look for a real camera repair business, not someone who will send it to the manufacturer and say it is $ 200 and 4-6 weeks for repair. (If I say this, do not fix your camera for you, which is sent to the manufacturer warranty)

Many LCD screens are very easy to install and can do it yourself and you only need a small screwdriver. Other LCDs are very difficult to install, and even professionals do not like it! I can not say the mark …. is the best and make … is the worst, actually not. Insurance Series cameras have 1 or 2 models that are difficult work, however, the rest of them are quite simple. You must decide for itself whether to open the camera and try the repair yourself or not.

How do you replace an LCD?

Canon Digital Camera With most LCDs, for example (using as an example because they have the largest market share) everything is disconnect the ribbon cable for the LCD and the backlight (the light shines through the screen and you can see what is on the screen) and then install the new LCD. Some come with the backlight attached others do not. Some backlight needs to be soldered onto the board of the camera, others not.

– Do not touch contacts capacitor flash! You Zap if he does, and hurt a little. Is likely to throw the camera across the room when it happens. (Yes, I have, I have been repairing cameras for 5 years ….) We flash condensation "and use them whenever we open a camera.

I hope this sheds some light on the subject. You do not remove the camera away because the LCD has broken, and you can even fix it yourself!

Thomas Drayton

Thomas Drayton is the Owner of, an online camera repair shop specializing in Canon Digital Camera Repair as well as all other major brands, repairing hundreds of customer cameras per month. carries hard to find Camera Repair Parts for the do-it-yourselfer for all brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Kodak, Casio, Panasonic, Pentax and more!

sending my video camera to the repair of Canon?

Recently, I dropped my Canon Optura 60 cameras video of my back on the field. I realized that parts were loose but the camcorder still works. In addition, inclusion a new band, an image previous cassette tape is printed on the screen. Howerver, I called the video camera and it is longer a problem. I want to send a ship service on my video camera repair Canon to make available and give me an estimate. How you think cost to repair it?

If the guarantee … you may have perhaps nothing. But they should be able to give quotes over the phone if you describe the problem. In general, companies have a flat rate for an inspection and then apply that to the cost of repairs, while reserving the camera steady. However, in contact with the company will give a better idea on cost. Most companies also require you to call a authorization number to return, so it's a good idea to call anyway.

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