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What are comp cards?

In short, the card model (short for mixed cards) are a form of advertising and promotion of fashion, glamor and other models. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles of design patterns, giving the advantage to be creative in choosing how their promotional piece will look.

Benefits card comp

You will find that there are many advantages composite maps made to promote itself as a model. Here are just some …


There is an old saying in the industry Modeling, If you want to be treated as a professional model, like a professional model. This is true for images that show too.

When you show your compounds with great pictures and well chosen for a representative of the agency or a potential customer, he or she knows who are serious about your career and treated as such.

In any case it will check if you find a job with the client or agent, but he is sure ahead of many other competing models with you.

You will not get a second chance to make a first impression!

Do not be so eager to begin her modeling career can go a step that could open (or close) the door for you. Your cards are so important compounds. Being a professional and hand them a card model instead of a snapshot.

Most people do not shoot photos

Now you may think, "What if I only have normal maps made with staff and customers?".
Yes, you may have credit cards for less trouble and expense and I encourage you to do. Business cards are another way to present himself as a professional model.

However, agents and clients sometimes pull cards or put them in their pockets and destroy them.

Most people are reluctant to take this picture what their comp cards look. They are more likely to present their compositions with other professional models in their files for future reference with at least a small possibility that they may see your picture again. This, of course, leads to …

What do you think?

You think on business cards. Unless you have a photo on the map to let the customer still can not remember your eyes when you're ready to choose models to represent. Now becomes your business card against the other consisting of 100 cards were on file. Who will win? You have guessed!

Besides his header on the front of the card, the agent can also see pictures on the back of 4-5, with all relevant statistics. This is your contact information and other important aspects of it has to offer as a model.

Give you the opportunity model

Give yourself the opportunity to be seen and contacted by leaving your card always made with all contacts. There are some security by the number, the card model that are not expensive, so do not be stingy with them.

Card Design Composite Design

Here is an overview of the design basis of a draft map to give you an idea of what your card is included. You can see examples of compounds in CompCard.Com. Observe how to find these professionals, compared to only send one photo.

The design is quite simple two cards face

Reception – The front, which are in General a photo that covers the front of the card (I suggest a header well here) with your name in bold.

Back – On the back there is a margin of four to six pictures showing a different aspect (interior and exterior) in a variety teams with at least one dose of whole body well (jerseys Bath or tight clothing).
In addition, in the back of the composition will be statistical information, such as …
Contact (contact person, by phone, email, web address, etc.)

– Height

– Weight

– The size of the chest / cup size

– Size Belt

– Size of the hip

– Dress Size

– Shoe

– Hair Color

– Hair length (short, shoulder-length, length)

– Eye color

– Type (s) of modeling jobs that interest them (ie commercial, fashion, catwalk, glamorous, art, promotion, etc.)

How and where to obtain maps of compounds

It's really a simple process to have card model designed and printed.

IMPORTANT: The first step is to have pictures taken by a professional photographer who can model give rights of use and reproduction. I can not stress enough the importance of starting with excellent photographs. If you send a photo as your cousin Irma has taken, you will get an instant card model – A disaster!

That said, no need to feel overwhelmed with the details to get your card ready model. There are many online businesses because they have style and design models CompCard.Com online to help you every step road.

Remember also that there are many different versions of a card project so it all depends on how compounds that your map will be terminated.
Now you can start your career as a model are entitled to compensation for professional composite card be proud to display. Just do it!

Bob Pardue is a professional stock and female photographer located in the Southeastern USA. Get a freemodeling mini-course by subscribing today…

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