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The world of digital camcorders is spinning faster than the computer industry, which gathers more and more amazing features in packages decreasing. Take for example the new handheld video cameras that have been developed recently. At this stage, is mainly a competition between two products: Kodak Zi8 new Flip Mino camcorders.

Both products have been carefully designed to capture the growing market for easy to use and extremely portable video cameras built in options that make sharing videos on the computer and load them on popular sites Social networking very easy. Let's do a quick review of the digital video camera for both products.

Flip and Kodak are justifiably proud of their respective product lines and make it easy to find much information online. Of course, one of the more everyone is price, and you find in the same price, $ 179.99. Until now, a tie.

An important difference between the two is that the Kodak Zi8, like most digital video cameras, has a very small amount of internal memory (only 128MB). The lot has a capacity measurement of more than 2 Go over 16 times. Score 1 for coverage.

However, it is huge, literally and figuratively, the Kodak is based on using memory cards SD / SDHC to expand their storage capacity. The Flip Mino leaves no room for expansion. The Kodak digital video camera can handle up a 32GB card for those who want to go back. What does this mean? Up to 10 hours of video recording! Profile of a big advantage Kodak.

One of the things that are similar between the two is that the two share a very useful weapon manufactured USB, so you do not need USB camera cable specific. You can rotate the arm and connect directly to your computer, then share. Down the mess! A tie.

The delivered with two software video editing and photography, but has a capacity Zi8 recording HD video and HDMI output of the device to connect directly to your HDTV for instant viewing. A Kodak win.

But here is really not much of a contest. The Flip Mino and elder brother who is also MinoHD (which costs much more) can not hold a candle to the value and quality of Kodak Zi8. For the same price, you get a much larger ViewScreen built in Image Stabilization, Full Blown 1080 pixel high-definition video, and security that comes with the Kodak brand.

Final results: the race between these two models is not remotely close today – Zi8 pocket camera Digital video is superior. Of course, do not wait idly flip.

For the latest info, see pocket video cameras site today. Also check our free pocket video camera guide.

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How to use a Flip Video Camera

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