Cambridge Audio Azur

Cambridge Audio Azur

One thing is absolutely certain: for the money this Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is a hell of a player, and if you want something better than you will pay more. Quality of construction (at least to feel and weight) is fantastic. The remote player is excellent for the price and operationally the player is the ideal. Cambridge Audio Azur 640C seems more than capable of holding its own against other amplifiers in this area and possibly could show amps cost? 100 more a thing or two about subtleties of musical entertainment. Strengths of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C: Terrible sound refined and soft, natural tones, radio control Large, mid-range.


The details of the Cambridge Audio Azur 640C prefers increase are also quite likes mask other less. Without But I must be fair at that point. All these benefits are really only found in players costing at least several times more than one. And I was judging Cambridge Audio Azur 640C in a context with an amplifier cost over 3 times what it costs and Cambridge Audio speakers that are much more than 7 times more expensive. Usually, in essence, did very well, indeed their own farm, in these difficult circumstances, it sounds very convincing most of the time and well done, some of the time. I was ready to Cambridge Audio Azur 640C listen for hours without fatigue or some weird feeling and all my test tracks without presenting such problems.

The explanation of why I got into so many details to explain the ability of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is to allow for a clear picture of its innovative concept and also because I would like to take this device seriously. This player from Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is setting new standards in its price range and considered without taking the price of Nice into account. In the final analysis, Cambridge Audio Azur 640C my key issues are the roughness of small because it is so fast, deep and very focused highs and lows much slower and with a little treble roughness and grain. Although the result was completely open and participation level did not feel high or extended listening and he'll better off sticking with the speakers that offer less complex loads.

The main advantages of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C are his, his quick and lively MIDs and treble and ability to play recordings complicated and dense, without falling apart. With heavy jazz interpretations of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C offers a wealth of instrumental energy condcut in a stable and attractive. Just over a long period is difficult to start attacking the music Azur sense of balance to begin to sound a bit harsh. Ambient Dance showcase slots his shot under inspiration and the ability to track more effectively increase the power, the sound that pulls you and participate in their care. I tried to play some vinyl Tho even through one of the AUX as my sample did not come with a phono stage. I also gave the amplifier a return in a more last pair of speakers, the ATC SCM35s simply fantastic to discover to what extent their 70 watts could go.

After a burn on approximately 150 Hours of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C makes a very soft and relaxing sound. It need not be overly bright. The good CDs sound better than ever, it is an acceptable goal.
for now I would say that classical music in my collection seemed to bring the best results at the show with Cambridge Audio Azur 640C. Crummy low budget still things jazz suffers. Popular music like Lyle Lovett sounds surprisingly good.

The final analysis of Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is that this player, great as is, with its sound very refined and smooth, great Natural Tone, radio control and excellent mid-range, yet has a personality and color itself, enough to softly blend with the atmosphere total of any recording. The V.2 Cambridge Audio Azur 640C is a pretty good player for the price. Detail is obliged to you a bit, instead of just being there for you can enjoy.

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