Bulb Rca

Bulb Rca
RCA DLP with New Bulb still not working?

We have an RCA DLP tv for 4 years and we replaced the bulb. It still won’t work and still acts like the bulb is bad. How can we determine what else it might be wrong and fix it?

You should know that a fixed appliance can’t be like the first day it was!
Companies usually specify their product’s lifetime by the grantee time they will accept.
I’m sure that the grantee time of your TV has been finished after 4 years right?, So why don’t you buy a new one?
RCT TV are cheaper in the market right, Because of LCD and Plasma.
So I don’t think if buying a new one is going to cost for you, because they money you pay for a new one is going to be less than the money you want to pay to repair the old one Again !!!

Hope it helps!

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