Bulb Only

Bulb Only
How do you replace Mitsubishi Dlp bulb only?

I have a Mitsubishi wd 57731 and my extended warranty sent me the bulb only without the housing. They included no instructions. Anyone know how to install the bulb into my exisiting housing? I took the housing out and it seems to be sealed shut. Help!

There are screws in the case….look for them.

Wash your hands first, and ONLY HANDLE the Bulb at the back where the metal screw is….if you have fingered it already get a bottle of alcohol and wet a cloth towel and completely wash the bulb with it…..

Then let it air dry….you can also wipe your hands down (even after cleaning) to remove any traces of oils on your hands….

The bulb is clamped down at the front of the housing with small screws, so it’s wise to do the work at the kitchen table with good lighting and clean area so your small screws don’t get lost…..

All you have to do is remove the screw on the metal tab, and loosen the nut on the screw-post . Remember where the lock washer and any other washers go while disassembling and put them back exactly where they came from….

Now don’t OVERTIGHTEN that screw or that nut….just turn them enough to make sure there is no space between washers and locknuts and wire nuts……

Broken Bulb

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