Brilliance Made out of Wood | Jewellery Designs


So what do you think about these designs? Yes, we did bring some some jewelery designs before but not those made of wood or cork. Using different wood varieties, artist and designer Anthony Roussel creates one of a kind ornaments. The pictures above are a collection of rings involving repetitive forms giving rise to a fluid like feel to an altogether static object. The rings respectively[clockwise] are the Small Wave Ring, Fan Ring, Arch Ring and Ram Ring.

He has also designed a set of exquisite bangles that showcases his artistic skills in using cork or wood as an alternative medium for creating beautiful ornaments. The elegant bangles respectively [clockwise] are Geo Color Bangle, Nouveau Bangle , Branch BangleĀ  and Geo Cork Bangle.

Anthony Roussel’s new jewellery range for International Jewellery London are made from woods, including maple, ash, birch etc.
“I work towards creating a perfect synthesis between jewellery and art.”

– Anthony Roussel.


source atelier29

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