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Although anyone can learn to appreciate the joy of a great home theater system, not all are willing to fork the money to buy one. Moreover, There are many of us who are not willing to ruin the aesthetics of the room with the installation of a bulky 7-piece sound system in the room. Boston Acoustics has created a system that creates a beautiful balance between form and function. Here's a quick review of the Boston Acoustics Powered TVEE bar wireless speaker system sound.

This model has a stereo bar and a wireless subwoofer. Simplicity is the spirit of this sound system. From design to their roles, everything from the creation of the use of this system is simple. Besides the power cable, simply connect one speaker cable to TV and you're done!

The wireless subwoofer can be placed anywhere around the room. All you need is an outlet nearby. As subwoofers are bulky and often unpleasant, it helps that can drive perfectly in a corner away. Unlike many design sub-woofer, the sub-woofer that comes with Boston Acoustics Soundbar TVEE Powered wireless speaker system features an elegant and unconventional. It resembles more of a small stool instead of a speaker. Cute!

The main sound bar is driven by 100 watts of energy, which is more than enough to complement the built in speakers on your TV. The audio products are pretty good speakers, perfect for a small or medium room. Another interesting feature is its remote control system. The sound bar automatically learns to adapt to signals from your TV remote control. The volume of speakers increases and decreases according to volume control TV.

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