Bose Jewel Double

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Using Bose Jewel speakers with any of Bose-receiver?

I have Bose Jewel Double Cube Speakers (set of four, plus a center speaker) of a Bose Lifestyle System Series IV. Can I use these with a regular, none of Bose-receiver and a regular active subwoofer? I tried to hook up and the "protection" for how the receiver remains attractive.

The short answer is that the cubes need Accustomed module (note that not called a subwoofer) to operate correctly. It's not really a question of impedance (despite having a role). This is more of the matter to the circuit blocks have no crossover (saving space) and therefore can not make a full range of the signal at full power. This usually causes no problem with the system but only when they try to replace part of the system most of the owners.

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