Blk Digital Camera

Blk Digital Camera
Blk Digital Camera

8MP Black The Nokia N86 is a 3G phone which comes with a two-way slider mechanism that allows the user to access to all functionalities of two ways. Here are the different features of phones:

1 – It comes with a QVGA 2.6 inches with the ability to display enormous up to sixteen million in the color, and a screen resolution of 320pixels by 240pixels. The screen also comes with the control screen brightness, orientation sensor and a light detector.

2 – A striking feature of the Nokia N86 Black 8MP is eight megapixel integrated camera, which comes with Carl Zeiss optics, sensor CMOS, twenty times digital zoom, autofocus with assist light and two stage capture, and a dual LED flash to help users to capture images and videos surprising.
The scope of the flash device is about one meter, and users can enjoy watching your photos and video are the rotating gallery.

3 – The Video recorder of the Nokia N86 Black 8MP is also fantastic because it has the function of the sensitivity light, timer, video streaming and video editor. Also comes with a secondary VGA camera that allows the user to have 3G video calls.

4 – This phone comes with Wi-Fi users can be connected to the Internet wirelessly.

5 – It also comes with eight gigabytes of internal memory and a memory card slot that allows users to further improve memory telephone, as sixteen gigabytes of memory.

6 – The Nokia N86 is equipped with an 8MP Black battery that can provide users a maximum of six hours of GSM talk time, eleven hours of voice over IP Internet call, three hundred sixty-five timeout hours and twenty hours of fun play music.

7 – also comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity for users to be able to share files with others users with compatible devices.

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I want to buy a camera to take good pictures blk n white, I think that 35 mm is better, Digital do u think?

can make like 35 mm, and if the camera (not 300 head + -) can do?

Jump to digital photography. Http: / / details the hotel prices, and where to reach them. You can shoot in B & W or color images to a DLSE and convert to B & W.

Nikon Coolpix S600 (Black) Digital Camera

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