Black Home Theater

Black Home Theater

One of the best things to put together your own home theater system is that you can choose and manipulate the experience of seeing exactly to your liking. Most enthusiasts Home Theater will tell you that bigger is better. It's a big screen TV is very important to you, you'll definitely want to see in the world of television projection back.

With rear projection TVs, is not limited by the size restrictions of traditional television direct vision. This is because the TV screen rear projection not only uses a cathode ray tube to display the image. Instead, as its name implies, this type of display uses a projection screen. Here are some basics about rear projection television set so you can get an idea of what the options you have in creating your own home theater system.

A television screen with rear projection CRTs multiple

The first type of rear projection screen TV to hit the market using the traditional cathode ray format. But the projection TV screens later change the traditional format using three different cathode ray tubes, one for blue, red and green. These screen rear projection TV can provide an excellent contrast and sharp image big, but they are usually bulky and heavy.

Rear projection TV sets by processing digital light

Another popular format for SAT rear projection is the use of three digital micro-mirror devices that work together to create the pixels making up the television screen. These greens tend to create a very good image, but have also been known to produce what is called the screen door effect, causing a hazy glow over the picture at times. Other users have complained of a rainbow effect when focused move from one part of the screen to another.

The aspect ratio liquid crystal

Another popular display format found in different rear projection TV is an LCD. This format works directly with the passage of light through liquid crystals in order to enlarge the image and projected onto the screen. Part of the attraction of large format displays liquid crystal display that creates a thin and lightweight. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of the formats of LCD is that it provides good black level. Level Black refers to the ability of the screen to create a true black contrast, allowing fine detail and smooth.

The new liquid crystal on silicon display

One of the new digital formats on screen is a liquid crystal on silicon. This format is a hybrid between LCD and digital light processing. This format aims to reduce the appearance of the rainbow screen door effect. However, the liquid crystal on silicon also form having trouble creating a good black level.


When you buy a rear projection screen of your theater system house, we compare the screen size, resolution and screen. Note that the screen will be at home, what type of lighting is to receive, and what type of space you have to work in

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