Belt Removable Buckle

Belt Removable Buckle

Learn to dive was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even in these days, every time I go diving, the tension is like the first dive.

Along the way, many experienced divers have shared their own diving tips with me. Some other tips are gained from my own experience, usually after a bad one. Here are some the tips to share with you.

When choosing a mask, it is best for you to try on the mask, before you buy. Put on the mask and breathe the nose. Make sure you donÂ't no hair stuck on the skirt of the mask. Hold your breath and see if the mask will not fall. Check if air is leaking into the mask. If the mask falls, it means the shape of the mask skirt isnÂ't suitable for your face shape. Try as many brands and models as possible.

Most new masks have a protective film on the window. This can cause fogging problems during your dives if the protective isnÂ't cleaned away. Before using a new mask, clean the window with a recommended cleaner liquid or defogging liquid. If you grab CanÂ't, try rubbing some clothing powder detergent to the window and the mask is soaked in water with detergent powder, clothes and let it mix overnight. IÂ've had great experiences with this method. Cleansing mask before the first dive is very important. I should know. IÂ've appeared in major dive sites, but was so busy with the "flood and uncheck the Maska" maneuver to clear the fog that I didnÂ't much to see, or just many things looked blurry at best.

On my dive trips, IÂ've also found it useful to some clothing with detergent powder bring packed in a small pill container. I just clean my mask with detergent at the end of the day ready for diving the next Daya's. Good opportunity to keep my mask clear crystal, all throughout my dive vacation.

Have you ever felt the regulator in his mouth seems to express Your mouth on the left side of your dives? You know, if you feel that donÂ't bite hard enough on the mouthpiece, the regulator You can only pushed out of his mouth? If you donÂ't own an octopus with a pendulum donÂ't have built on the controller or a first stage swivel, you might enjoy this unease. One way to solve this problem is to buy and to fit into a regulator of the 2nd Level ball swivel. Another way I found very useful for me is to the air tank slightly in the clockwise direction. As you assemble the Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) to the compressed air tank, with the BCD facing away from you, instead of the K-valve face directly away from you, turn the tank clockwise by about 30A °, so that the K-valve is slightly to the right, before securing the BCD to the tank. You should be able to tell the difference to feel.

If you do regularly, boat and dives, I recommend that you use a pair of booties and open heel diving fins obtained. Having for prey, as you enter the sea from the coast will protect your feet from sharp corals and stones from cutting your feet. You can easily walk to a certain depth, before their fins and start your dive. On the boat, you will become at least minimize your chances of slipping on the wet floor.

For open fins with removable buckles, the best way is to put on your fins, in order to slip the strap over your heels. As they move out by the Slides of the strap under your heels and remove the fins. I know this advice to make the buckle seems useless, but from my experience and many other Divera experiences At the time we lose, or often, a fin strap buckle is at the end of a boat dive, when we take off our fins by unbuckling while in the water before the Boat. And you can find a replacement belt buckle, or while on an island dive trip a little frustratingly difficult.

At the end of your boat dive, if you move out Gear before you're climbing on the boat, always take off weight belt first, then your BCD and lastly the fins.

I hope you find some of these tips on how useful to you, as it was for me. Herea to wish you a great diving experience on your next dive vacation.

Jacob Mojiwat runs Sipadan Diving Vacation (, a booking service website for resorts on Mabul Island, the gateway to diving at Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai Islands. He is passionate about diving and has managed to convince many of his friends to take up diving. He lives in Kota Kinabalu, just a short plane ride away from Sipadan Island.

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