Beanie Hat Cap

Beanie Hat Cap
My 10 month old refuses to wear a hat baseball cap / Beanie /?

He used to wear it, I would put nothing but now he takes it off. The warm weather comes and I would like to take him a cap for some of the sun (he does wear sunscreen) to hold, but it decreases it. If I reject he yells and screams. Should I not wear it? Should I continue to object to or is it a phase, by which he received?

All children struggle with hats, at this age. If he takes it off, set just make sure that he is covered in other ways. As in his stroller, make sure it backwards into the shadows. Or if Something outside, we play to try and play with him in a shady area. Not giving up, but wary. He might come around soon.

The Art of Crochet by Teresa – Crochet Beanie Hat Cap- Part 1

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