Bead Chain

Bead Chain

To start creating your account setup glass jewelry first a suitable workstation. A suitable workstation is one that allows it to be the creative and productive time. Glass beads jewelry making is meticulous, yet fun and enjoyable work, so they spend many wonderful hours designing their creations. Therefore, it is important that your workstation provides adequate lighting and comfortable seating.

Then must have a lot of glass beads, hand made, so that will not get the accounts in the design center of a piece of jewelry. Made glass beads hand are more unique design and finest quality cheap machine made beads. The best place to get glass beads are handmade directly from an experienced beaded jewelry artist, like DK An experienced artist jewelry beads saves time and money by creating single crystal balls for you. So you do not have to worry about learning the art of making glass beads or incurring additional cost for the required equipment.

Finally, you must have the following materials, if not already:

Part heavy flexible cable – to string their beads. For maximum flexibility starting chain of 49 wire works best.

Sterling silver clasps or lobster or toggle closure – to securely fasten your glass bead necklaces or bracelets. For earrings, silver need Earwires sterling or gold.

Sterling silver is recommended so you do not have to worry about staining.

Swarovski Crystals – In a variety of colors which sits between bills and help create unique designs. Swarovski crystals to add luster and value to your handmade jewelry.

A variety of pliers – round nose, chain nose, flat nose, a good pair of tweezers, and Crippen. If you are just starting out as a jewelry artist and are not able to obtain all necessary pliers at a time, then initially it can get by with only the nose round nose pliers chain.

Now that you have the minimum supplies and tools you need to start creating your own glass, handmade jewelry, it's time starting to design. If it is more difficult to create the pattern of jewelry in the first place is a good idea to attend a class about making beads glass. The best classes are taught by artists of royal jewels. If you wish to attend a class, DK visit.

About the Author:

Diane has been beading for over 15 years, and has traveled and attended many beading conferences and workshop learning many different beading techniques. She has learned the art of Lamp Working 9 years ago creating glass beads with glass rods and a torch which sparked her creativity to produce varied and unique jewelry designs. Diane’s creations can be seen on her DK and at art and craft shows throughout the southeast.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comHow to Get Started Making Glass Bead Jewelry

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