Battery Charger Ricoh

Battery Charger Ricoh
Battery Charger Ricoh

The Ricoh R8 camera is nice, is small, lightweight, feature rich and looks fantastic! Having had the misfortune to have a R7 Ricoh (Ricoh was aa returned by the same lack of five times), it is good to see that Ricoh has fixed several flaws in the R7s. Many people were disappointed by the previous Ricoh digital cameras compact However, the R8 should help restore some of these people discouraged.

Ricoh R8 Features and specifications

This digital camera is full of competition, 10 million effective pixels, large 28-200 mm (35mm equivalent) zoom, 1 cm. Macro shooting distance of 2.7-inch TFT LCD, SDHC and reconciliation of the carrying capacity of the battery of 270 photographs. The Ricoh is also very fast startup and approach is good, even in low light. The R8 has all the usual features and more compact camera.


Unfortunately, the design team Ricoh did not find that the flash just above the right handle means that sometimes the flash will be blocked by the right hand holding the camera. Another manufacturer of compact cameras placing the flash on the left of the camera for a very good reason!

Buy Ricoh R8 is worth?

Yes, the Ricoh camera strong and capable compact digital. Unfortunately, reliability problems with the previous Digital Camera Ricoh people start buying the R8. I bought a Canon Powershot same time as the R8, Ricoh and should use my compact camera Canon first. The Ricoh Canon spent as a home favorite compact digital camera.

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Where can I buy old (1986) Batteries Camcorder?

I'm looking specifically for Ricoh R 830 battery and charger or cable battery power so I think I had.

I do not know how the R-830 may be you can take a look at If you can not search on or hope that helps.

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