Bar Beer

Bar Beer
a small beer bar came Filipino?

I am a foreigner wishes to set up a small brewery in the small town or provincial philippines.Pls tell me the cost of installing and whom to contact?

You have to be married or be a Filipino citizen to do business .. You may also be associated with a Filipino, but they must have the majority share .. This means you have to be there if you want to run a business … In any case, to answer your question, assuming that the property issues are resolved, start with the space .. You can buy or rent the space. For prices, check out this website .. It will give you an idea how much will it cost to rent or buy .. Click the picture again, if you can not see the price immediately and look at the price under the information After selecting general and secured a place, get a business permit with DTI and local government .. You could go to City Hall and ask for the procedure .. However, it depends on the design of the place of the amount of money spent .. It can range from 500 pesos to 10 billion pesos … You can probably have a simple set ready for about 200 pesos, but its design gives your target market .. Just do a feasibility study on a location and see the traffic flow .. You could also SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and see how much they weigh .. Goodluck …

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