Audio Center Channel

Audio Center Channel

HDTV does provide superior sound quality, simply because the sound of HDTV is digitally transmitted. The difference in sound between an HDTV and a television analog is rather remarkable. In fact, is directly analogous to the difference between music on CD, compared with music in audio cassette tapes.

The difference in sound quality provided by HDTV televisions and programming does not end there. Many TV programs are also broadcast high definition Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, but in order to take full advantage of this technology, we must have the proper equipment.

Dolby's technology has been created by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. This technology is the most renowned provider of digital audio technology. Also, Dolby Laboratories is known for reliable products High Quality. For these reasons, Dolby Digital Surround has become the standard for HDTV. Many TV manufacturers to substitute its own surround sound systems, but can not keep up the reputation and performance of Dolby. Therefore, it is important to verify the specifications of an HDTV before buying, to ensure used Dolby Digital Surround.

When using Dolby Digital Surround Sound, there are three options to configure. The first option is to buy a TV channel speakers high quality center, woofers, tweeters, and Dolby technology installed on television. With this option, no purchase necessary equipment, and also take advantage of Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Another option to take advantage of Dolby Digital Surround Sound with an HDTV is connected to an external set of surround speakers to television. With this option, the configuration of surround sound to the front includes a pair of speakers, a pair of surround speakers, a center channel and a subwoofer. Sometimes, the speakers front are "towers of power." This means that these towers are subwoofers.

The placement of these speakers is very important for sound quality envelope. The center channel speaker should be centered above or below the television. The left and right front speakers should be placed in an arc formation line with the center channel speaker. The left and right speakers, moreover, should be placed to the left and right behind the listening position. Many people choose these speakers for wall mounting.

The third option for the use of the Dolby Digital Surround System included on an HDTV is the use an external set of front speakers can be connected to HDTV. This configuration is useful if space is not enough to set up surround sound external system and high definition television does not come with Dolby Digital Surround installed. This is not true surround sound, but it is a viable alternative for those who can not take advantage of the first two formats.

The audio and video outputs of DVD or VCR can be connected to the video outputs on your AV receiver. If a separate DVD and VCR need to be connected, one can be connected to the connection VCR1 and the other can be connected to the connection VCR2. AV receiver's video and audio outputs VCR then must be connected to the inputs of the DVD audio and video and / or VCR. Thus, the DVD and / or VCR will be able to record video signals coming through the receiver HS and VHS tapes and / or DVDs can be viewed on the HDTV.

To take full advantage of Dolby Digital technology Surround Sound, one of the video outputs on your DVD player or VCR must be connected to AV receiver. The digital audio coaxial or optical digital connection should also be connected to the AV receiver.

How do I connect my CD player?

A CD player can be connected to an AV receiver. The CD digital outputs audio player can use to connect the CD player in the AV receiver. A CD recorder can also connect the AV receiver via the audio record / playback / Output loop connections. Thus, the CD recorder will be able to function both as a package of standard audio cassettes.

What else do I need?

In addition to the basic electronic equipment needed to create Dolby Digital Surround Sound, you need to have cable connections. This includes video, audio and loudspeaker connection cables. These cables must be of adequate length to set the speakers in the proper position for optimum surround sound quality.

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