Arts Crafts

Arts Crafts
What influence did the Arts & Crafts Movement have on Product Design?

I’m holding a workshop on that topic soon.
Try as I may, I see no connection between the two.
As far as I am concerned, Arts & Crafts were about one-offs, while product design is about serial production.
Or does anyone have any insights I may be missing?

I have only few resources available about Arts & Crafts and I don’t know that much about that topic, so I surely don’t have the full perspective on that topic. Afaik, Arts & Crafts was clearly against mass production, but the design was highly functional and a deliberate breach with designs before that era. I think it was the first time that designers tried to convey a political agenda with their body of work, too.

Imho, the designs weren’t that influencial, but they must have influenced the way designers worked and how design itself was perceived. The reduction of design to its mere function and the approach in design, to experiment with different materials and production methods by later designers, are partially influenced by Arts & Crafts.

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