Aquos Lcd

Aquos Lcd
i have an sharp aquos lcd tv and i cant get surround sound working?

i have a sharp aquos lcd tv and i just got a dish hd reciever. we have a surround sound box in the entertainment system. how do i hook up the surround sound to the tv so i can get sound whenever i switch inputs for example, it works with the satalite but when i switch the imput to imput 4, for the wii, i still get the satalite sound?

The easiest way to control it is to use your TV as the hub, all the connections to the TV and then the audio out of the TV to the Sound System. That won’t get you the best sound though. Your Wii and Satelite are connected to the TV directly and should be connected to the sound system directly. This means that when you switch inputs on the TV you will have to change inputs on the sound system as well. To make it easier and keep the better sound you can connect all audio and video connections to the receiver and send the video out to the TV. This will only work if your Surround system has an audio/video receiver as part of it.

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