Antique Cast

Antique Cast
the safe way to clean old cast iron bookends or doorstops painted?

I have many beautiful pieces of antique cast iron, and we know that many of them cleaning or painting, "ruins" the value. I heard using a cotton swab and the oil is good for wiping gently with him, but then, How to get the oil so that not only adhere to more dust? I also heard prevent soap and water is important, or more than the original painting lost and the piece is oxidized. But some of them seem to have decades of dust, dirt caked by moisture, ie not the "patina" of antiques old. The safe way to clean these parts?

I use compressed air, brushes, makeup brushes and vacuum gently. I collect both pieces of wrought cast iron, some of which have even stayed out in the garden. I do not recommend oil because it is almost impossible to get out of the most decorated and only continue to attract dirt. I also "wash" some of my pieces with the waterless cleanser used by mechanics works well for removing grease and evaporates leaving no residue or causing oxidation.

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