Amp Amplifier Tuner

Amp Amplifier Tuner

Line 6 was founded in 1996 and based in Agoura Hills, California. It is a producer of digital modeling electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amplifiers and effects for the sake processors.The company expanded rapidly in the early 2000s due to his achievement of their POD branded product that reproduced the sound of various classic and modern guitar amplifiers surprising, effects pedals, amplifier cabinets and microphones, with a supply of high quality precision. The product PODXT Live is a current development, and expands the features of the POD only with more reproductions and pedal effects in a card package. Line 6 now has with numerous product lines in production: Line 6 has a power user community, which offers software that allows users to download patches and share or configuration of the machine. This software covers all Line 6 products available products.The insignia are used and approved by many experts 6 amplifiers artists.Line guitar agitation provides a variety of effects, consisting of chorus / flanger, phase, tremolo, digital delay, tape echo and sweep echo, too. By using Smart FX all effects can be pulled easily, Top Tempo allows the change of delay times.Line amplifier 6 has come up with the Spider II guitar with control FX.By intelligent control of delay could select a normal delay, tape echo, sweep echo and others. You have the option to choose between chorus / flange phase, and thus knob.Line using the tremolo modulation effect of 6 guitar amps Tap button lets you set the pace of delay effects and gives the dish Tuner, Distortion Boost, and a built-in Noise Gate.The improve distortion guitar amplifier Line 6 lets you hit the model harder and get a sound Blurred by increasing the guitar signal before reaching the 6 amps built Model.Line Amp Noise Gate will help reduce the hiss and noise. You recognize the door lights up when the D channel LED lights. When the 6 guitar amp Line may discover even more hidden features.

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