Acoustimass Double Cube

Acoustimass Double Cube
Dual speakers Acoustimass 6 buckets?

I own a Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Theater System with single cube speakers. I just bought two of double cube speakers on ebay (or the Acoustimass 10 or 16), thinking (wrongly, I think) that could easily update the two front speakers by plugging the two cubes. But the plug for the speaker is not quite compatible with the doubling cube. Is there any way to connect the Bose-cube double the Bose Acoustimass 6 system?

Bose is famous (infamous) for not having interchangeable equipment … Not only does not work with other brands, but sometimes will not work with itself. There is no way of making it work … But you might contact your nearest dealer and see if Bose can make changes at an affordable price. But this warning is for people at home: Courage overvalued Stereo Equipment Click here, viewers at home to see why Bose is not good:

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